Impact Analysis of Frontline Demonstration in Shivpuri District of M.P.

Rajeev Singh Chauhan, Rupendra K. Singh, Pushpendra Singh and S.R.K. Singh


Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Shivpuri conducted 60 demonstrations on mustard variety – RVM-2, Pusa- Agrani during five years from 2010–11 to 2014–15 at farmers field in Shivpuri district. Total no of 60 frontline demonstrations conducted during 2010-11 to 2014-15 in Rabi season in adopted villages (Lalgarh, Tanpur, Tharrah, Sirsod, Manikhera and Kulwara) of two Block viz Kolaras and Shivpuri. Integrated nutrient management with (80:40:20 ) NPK + 20 kg sulphur / ha adopted on soil test basis. Summer deep ploughing, integrated pest management, seed treatment with Imidacloprid 70WS @5.0 gram / kg + PSB culture @ 10 gm /kg seed and spray of insecticide for control of Aphid & white fly. There was an appraisable increase in yield level 18.00 to 21.87 q/ ha under demonstration plot against 13.75 to 17.88 in farmers’ plot. Adoption of improved technology had significant effect on seed yield vis–a–vis yield gaps. Improved technologies enhanced mustard yield 370 kg to 429 kg. /ha over farmers practice with an overall increase yield of 26.43 per cent.

Keyword: Mustard crop; Front line demonstration; Farmers practice; Gap analysis; Productivity;

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