Development of a Scale to Measure Adoption of Improved Dairy Husbandry Practices of Dairy Farmers

Rupendra Kumar, S.K. Jha, Ram Chand, Randhir Singh and Sanjit Maiti


It is well recognised that India is the largest producer of milk in the world, but productivity of our animal is far lrsser than the world average. Therefore, researchers recommended location specific package of practices to improve the productivity of our millions of cattle and buffalo. But, dairy farmers adopted package of practices which are more suitable or profitable for them. Therefore, the present study made an attempt to quantify the exact level of adoption of improved dairy husbandry practices, with the specific objective to develop and standardize a scale to measure dairy farmers’ adoption of improved dairy husbandry practices. The process started with selection of 86 statements and finally 26 statements were retained for scale development through editing and item analysis. Validity and reliability of the developed scale indicated high level precision and internal consistency of the scale

Keyword: Adoption scale; Animal hu

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