Generation of Electricity by Utilization of Power of Draught Animal

Paras, V.K. Singh and Arun Chaudhary


A new method is proposed for electric generation with negligible running cost. In this method a compressors is used to store mechanical energy in the form of compressed air by using rotary animal power. This compress air is further used to produce rotary motion for electric generation when and as desired. This method has negligible running cost because in case of traditional methods, mechanical energy is stored in the form of electric energy in the battery. The life of a battery is 3-4 years and cost of battery varies from Rs. 12000-15000. So the running cost of traditional method is minimum i.e. Rs. 4000-5000 per year. This is the major cause of un-utilization of animal draught for generation of electricity. By using new method of electric generation by draught animal, above problem can be solved

Keyword: Electric generation; Comp

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