Capacity Building Programme on Scientific Lac Cultivation, Processing, Uses and their Correlates

Alok Kumar and A.K. Jaiswal


The investigation aimed to study the impact of capacity building programmes on scientific lac cultivation, processing and uses in terms of knowledge level of farmers. The study was conducted at TOT division, Indian Institute of Natural Resins & Gums (IINRG) Namkum, Ranchi during Nov. 2013 to May 2014. IINRG conducted 17 courses, in which 519 participants were participated; Out of which 125 farmers were randomly selected as respondents for this study. The investigation showed that education, farm size, social participation, lac experiences and sources of information were positively and significantly related to knowledge level of farmers at 5 % level of significance whereas the remaining independent variables viz., age, sex, caste, type of family, family size, occupation and monthly income were not significantly related to knowledge level of farmers on lac cultivation. The percentage changes in knowledge level of respondents towards lac cultivation were found to be 9.60 per cent, 68 per cent and 22.40 per cent, respectively for below average knowledge, average knowledge and above average knowledge after training. . The impact of capacity building programme was gain in knowledge level after training which was significantly higher among farmers for all the lac cultivation practices.

Keyword: Capacity building; Knowle

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