Mobile Phone Use Efficiency of Garo Tribal Farmers in North- Eastern Himalayan Region of India

Biswajit Lahiri, Sudarshan Anurag, J.K. Chauhan, Aiarson K. Sangma and Sierra M. Sangma


The advancement of mobile phone technology in India and north-eastern Himalayan region as well gives a unique opportunity to provide right information at right time to the Garo tribal farmers. To have an idea about farm information communication through mobile phone in the region, the mobile phone use efficiency of farmers were put under study in an experimental research design with the objectives to explore the mobile phone usage, preferences, crop information need of farmers in gathering farm information and to enumerate the cause and effect relationship with some socio-economic and socio-psychological variables. The respondent of the study were selected through snowball sampling technique based on certain criteria from randomly selected six blocks of two districts of Garo Hills. Data were collected in semi-structured interview schedule against some socio-economic and socio-psychological variables, measured on scales developed by earlier researchers and mobile use efficiency was measured in 5-point semantic scale developed during the study. The results of the study reveal that use of mobile phone by the Garo tribal farmers in the region is very high. But, use of mobile phone for gathering farm information is not satisfactory. But, study envisaged that age of the farmers, educational status, annual income, material possession, planning orientation, production orientation, market orientation and farmer’s attitude towards improved agriculture have direct bearing in mobile use efficiency. Despite of low status of mobile use efficiency mobile based agro-advisories has real potential to come out as alternate extension system for dissemination farm information in the region

Keyword: Agricultural Information; Mobile Extension; Mobile Phone Use Efficiency; Garo Hills Agriculture; North-Eastern Himalayan Region;

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