Information Sources Utilized Livestock Owners in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh

Ajay Kumar, Jitendra Chauhan, B.S. Meena and Berjesh Ajrawat


Dairy development plays a prominent role in the rural economy in supplementing the income of rural households. It also provides subsidiary occupation in rural and semi urban areas in the country where crop output may not sustain the family. It is generally accepted that communication is the basic step in effecting changes is any aspect to client system. Information sources play an important role in agriculture development. Hence, a study was conducted in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh to know the important sources which were utilized by the farmer to update their knowledge in the field of livestock rearing. The data were collected from 100 urban and 160 rural respondents through personal interview method. Results indicate that Personal localite sources of information (59.79%) were the most utilized sources among all the information sources in the field of livestock rearing. The most important information sources were family member (67.78 %), radio (63.69%) and magazines (62.08%). It was suggested that agriculture information may be disseminate through radio so that farmers might be benefitted and can up-date their knowledge

Keyword: Farmer; Livestock; Magazi

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