Participation of Farm Women in Decision-Making Process on Agricultural Operations in Yadgir District of Karnataka

S.B. Goudappa, S. Surekha and B.S. Reddy


Rural women play a significant role in Agriculture, which has been universally accepted since time immemorial. In India, 60 per cent women are engaged in agricultural operations in rural areas and they are performing domestic chores as well as farming activities with men folk as equal partners, but due to so many complexities in our society, their performance of various agricultural operations revealed that the hand weeding in agricultural crops was performed cent per cent by the farm women, on the contrary cent per cent of men alone carried out the entire responsibility of ploughing and harrowing of the field, while sowing with seed bowel was carried out cent per cent by the men and women jointly. A large majority of the farm women performed the farm activities viz., stubble collection (90%), dibbling of seeds (80%), sowing with seed bowl (68.33%), transplanting of seedlings and irrigation (56.66% each). Three-fourth of the farm women performed the post harvest operations viz., processing of grains (91.66%), grading of quality seeds (89.17%) and harvesting (74.16%). It was interesting to find that a large percentage of the farm women participated in the decision–making process at awareness and initiating solutions for problems revealed that the agricultural operations viz., hand weeding (80.00%), harvesting (75.83%) and irrigation (74.16%) but the final decision making was mostly rested with the men only. Further, it also revealed that comparatively larger percentages of farm women were noted for “ highâ€ level of involvement in decisions related to land preparation(75.13%), irrigation(74.16%), application of fertilizer and pesticide (67.50% each), sowing (64.16%) and hand weeding (55.00%). Friedman’s two way analysis of variance by ranks indicated highly significant results confirming the differences in the level of involvement of women in different agricultural operations

Keyword: Rural women; Agricultural

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