Agriculture - A Tool for Women Empowerment

P.V. Satya Gopal1 and B.Vijayabhinandana2


‘Woman’ is a key for success of any human being. This phrase is an everlasting principle of the universe. The unique reason behind this is that, if we consider any personality there must be a direct or indirect influence of woman for his/her achievement. But from the period known, the role of women is always in a dependent position in spite of her strong support or impact on men. Women shoulder almost all responsibility for meeting basic needs of the family, yet are systematically ignored for utilization of the resources, information and freedom of action required for them to fulfill this responsibility. Several studies revealed that, when the women are involved, supported and empowered in the society then entire society will flourish and the communities become more resilient. Agriculture is the back bone of our country. More than 70 percent of the people engaged in agriculture and it is the livelihood occupation for majority of the people. The role of women in this field is highly substantial. More than eighty percent of the work has to be performed by women. They are working as labourers in involved in different agricultural operations. Women have a bright future in the field of agriculture as it is the evergreen profession and involves much scope for future. Science and technology in agriculture is of very noteworthy dimension and will strengthen the women in performing agriculture. Education is going to play a crucial role to utilize science and technology in a proficient manner. Hence there is an indispensable need to focus on women education for their empowerment. Keeping in view the past and the present status of the women in agriculture and also the growth and development of science and technology in the field of agriculture, a strategic model was designed for empowerment of women through agriculture. The strategy consists of the two ways of empowerment women in agriculture viz Employment and entrepreneurship. The different avenues in these two areas of agriculture were projected in the model and also the challenges to be faced by women in performing these activities were also presented in the paper

Keyword: Agriculture; Women employ

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