Human Resource Development for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development under Present Climate Change

B.K. Narayana Swamy


Climate change is a natural process and the earth was subjected to many changes since its formation. Just as the weather changes from day to day, the climate changes over decades, centuries and millennia. However, sustainable agriculture and rural development and climate are mutually dependent. There is a need to understand the effect of climate change on sustainable agriculture and rural development sector at Global level from the view point of providing food to growing population. The increase in temperature has significantly led to a change in the sustainable agricultural zones and shift in the growing seasons. On the other hand the change in the rainfall pattern is the serious threat to the sustainable agriculture and rural development, which in turn affects the economy and food security. The several research and evaluation studies conducted revealed that utilization of human resource is far from satisfactory in different parts of the world. Five scientific revolutions have emerged under changing global climate in the world during this millennium. Human Resource Development (HRD) is essential for adoption of emerging scientific revolutions in changing climate for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development. Climate change, energy and Human Resource play a pivotal role in areas of productivity and quality. Further, lack of attention to the nonliving factors may result in reduction of profitability to some extent but ignoring the human resource can prove to be disastrous. However, Narayana’s Innovation Attributes Lotus Model explains four attributes with seven sub components under each for appropriateness of technologies to adopt like Relative advantage, Compatibility, Practibility and Complexity in the emerging global climate change for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development. Further, Narayana’s Wheel Model explains management services for Technical advice, Production inputs, Credit support, Marketing service, specialized service, Crop insurance and Programme subsidy are very essential for different sustainable agricultural programmes at local level to increase agricultural production and rural development

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