Role Stressed and Constraints Faced By Women Entrepreneurs

Seemaprakalpa and Manju Arora


Women being entrepreneurs are becoming aware after doing their SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and threats) analysis. Along with these achievements, they were experiencing stressful conditions and entrepreneurial constraints. So the aim of this present study was to identify role stress and constraints. Descriptive type of research design was used to study Role stress and constraints faced by 60 women entrepreneurs running both boutiques and beauty parlours. Primary data were collected through interview schedule in zones of Agra city in U.P. during 2002-2005. Percentage was used as a statistical measure .The study showed that majority of entrepreneurs were experiencing stress as being mothers as they were performing dual responsibilities( mother, housewife and as an entrepreneurs). Constraints faced by entrepreneurs were lack of knowledge about agencies/ institutions working for entrepreneurship development, frequent and more need of finance, non-availability of skilled labour, diligent selection of raw material, and competition from established units in same line. The findings of the study are based on expressed opinions of the entrepreneurs. Hence the objectivity would be limited to the extent of the entrepreneurs’ honest opinions. In spite of these limitations, it is hoped that findings of this study would provide a better insight in preparing future plan for entrepreneurship development among women

Keyword: Role theory, Role, Stress

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