Mechanization of Paddy Transplanting Through Cooperative Societies in Jalandhar Distt. of Punjab

Pankaj Kumar, Kuldeep Singh, Rupinder Chandel and Harjeet Kaur


Paddy is a major Kharif crop of the Punjab state. Most of the cultural operations especially the transplanting is done manually in paddy crop. The major factor of non popularization of manual transplanting was wide availability of labour at cheaper rates. But due to shrinkage in transplanting span and shortage of labour now day’s mechanization of paddy transplanting is imperative. So farmers have started thinking if mechanized transplanting of paddy. State Govt. has also taken initiative by announcing subsidy on the paddy transplanters. There are three types of transplanters available in the market. Efforts for the popularization of paddy transplanters were again started extensively during the year 2009. In Jalandhar distt. the cooperative societies had purchased 14 paddy transplanters and the total area under mechanized transplanting was 170 acre during 2009 and 365 acre during the year 2010. One of the reasons of non adoption of paddy transplanter is its high cost and requirement of expertise in growing mat type nursery and operating the machines. These problems may be overcome by the purchase of paddy transplanters through cooperative societies and custom hiring of these. Further cooperative societies can do a wonderful job by imparting the knowledge and skills in growing mat type nursery and operating the paddy transplanter to the farmers with the help of KVKs, Agriculture Dept. and SAUs, etc

Keyword: Paddy ; Transplanting; Me

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