Impact of Trainings on Knowledge Level of Goat Keepers and New Entrepreneurs in Kerala

Bimal.P.Bashir, Thirupathy Venkatachalapathy R, Jamuna Valsalan and P.K. Rout


The present study was conducted purposefully on the state level on-campus vocational and off-campus training programme on commercial goat farming conducted by All India Co-ordinated Research Project (AICRP) on Goat (Malabari Unit) in Kerala, during the financial year 2015-16. The data were collected from participants of randomly selected four state level and three off-campus training conducted by AICRP, which constituted a sample size of 243 respondents for the study. The impact of training was measured in terms of gain in knowledge. The‘t’value of all the training were found to be highly significant which indicated that highly significant gain in knowledge was recorded in all the trainings. It was noticed that women participation was more in off-campus trainings (66.39%) when compared to state level on-campus trainings (9.68%). It was also observed that most of the respondents were fully satisfied with major instructors (74.49%), relevance to the trainee’s need (71.60%), programme in general (69.96%). It was also found that some of the trainees were not at all satisfied with lodging facilities (46.91%), availability of reading materials (37.04%), physical facilities in classroom (25.93%) and programme content (20.16%). The study also revealed that 85.00 per cent of the respondents had medium to high favorable opinion regarding the training. Major suggestion given by trainees includes provision of more off-campus training preferably in their villages during summer season in the afternoon. Provision of good boarding and lodging facilities in case of on-campus trainings, provision of more reading materials and literature regarding scientific goat farming and providing more continuing learning opportunities to keep them updated with the new-technologies and changes happening in the field.

Keyword: Malabari; Training; Off-campus; Women; Knowledge; Opinion; Goat;

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