Constraints in Effective Implementation of National Watershed Development Programme in Tribal Area of Southern Rajasthan

R.S. Rathore P.N. Kalla and J. P. Yadav


Present study was undertaken to find out constraints faced by beneficiaries of National Watershed Development Programme (NWDP) for rainfed areas was launched by the department of Watershed development and soil conservation.; The study was conducted in Banswara and Dungarpur district of southern Rajasthan. Total of 240 respondents from Kusalgarh, Pipalkhut, Aspur and Saagwara tehsils of watershed area were interviewed for this study. The study has brought out the constraints faced by the beneficiaries which were coming in way of effective implementation of watershed. Maximum constraints related to crop production practices were high cost of inputs, lack of knowledge and inappropriate price of crop products at harvesting time. Lack of watering facilities nearby area followed by plants damaged due to termite attack was found major constraint in agro-forestry, horticulture and silvi-pasture

Keyword: National Watershed Develo

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