Emerging Models of Technology Application for Agri-Rural Development

R.P. Singh


The Indian economy has its mainstay on agriculture and allied activities. Food is basic to life and wellbeing and has always been taken on the highest of all our priorities. Agriculture in India has traveled a long distance – Green revolution, White revolution, Yellow revolution, Blue revolution, Rainbow revolution to thrust on Ever Green Revolution – the stability and sustainability that we have to attain. Science and technology play a vital role in the development strategy of various section of the society. Technological empowerment and sustainable livelihood at the grass root level is very much essential at this juncture of our development. The intervention of the developments in Science and technology into the field of agriculture, industry, education and health is very much crucial particularly in rural situation. In the perspective of modern scientific intervention in the present social scenario, this 6th National Extension Education Congress on Emerging models of technology application for agri-rural development would deliberate on the following five important theme areas.

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