Southern Corn Leaf Blight- An Important Disease of Maize: An Extension Fact Sheet

Rajesh Singh and R.P. Srivastava


Southern Corn Leaf Blight (SCLB) or Maydis Leaf Blight (MLB) is the most important and widespread maize leaf disease worldwide including India. SCLB disease appears as young small and diamond shaped lesions. As they mature, they elongate. SCLB tends to be limited by temperature and climate to the warmer part. Spore production is influenced by temperature. Infected tissue is extensively covered with spots and chlorosis rendering them non productive. It is found to have a higher saprophytic ability and hence high primary inoculum level is likely to be found in areas with high disease occurrence. SCLB disease causes the significant yield losses in cultivars developed from subtropical or temperate germplasm ranging from 9.7% to 11.7% depend upon the weather conditions. Disease is mainly controlled through breeding resistant varieties which is the most efficient, economical and sustainable way than chemical control in the long run. Moreover, it also ensures environment safety standards. Other approaches such as fungicides application could also be adopted to control the SCLB disease in maize

Keyword: Maydis Leaf Blight, Helmi

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