Gender Differentials in Performance of Farm and Nonfarm Activities in Ummednagar Village of Jodhpur District

Soma Srivastava and Bhagwan Singh


The present study was conducted in Ummednagar village of tehsil Mandor of Jodhpur district. The village was selected purposively under the transfer of technology programme supported by CAZRI, Jodhpur. The observations were taken regarding activities related to agricultural production, livestock, and domestic works. In case of agricultural activities it was observed that there is a clear-cut differentiation among some works performed by male and female members individually whereas, overlapping in few activities which they perform jointly. Regarding agricultural activities like field preparation bunding and clearing weeds harvesting and transport harvest majority considered them as working jointly. However in case of weeding (72.22%), threshing (52.78%) and winnowing (77.77%) females were always involved in these operations and involvement of male members was very less (16- 33%). In case of live stock activities except heath care (13.88%) and marketing of produce (6.66%) women always involved in all the other activities like fodder collection, drying, feeding, cleaning, milking , processing milk etc. Regarding different household works the contribution of women was very high (91.67-100%) except marketing for household provisions which was primarily done by the male members (58.33%) or jointly (41.66%)

Keyword: Bunding; Harvesting; Hous

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