A Study of Assessment of Likelihood of Women Adopting Piggery Related Technologies in Meghalaya

Seeralan.S, Anupam Mishra, S.B.Singh and M.Ramasubramanian


In different rural enterprises as also in piggery, women play pivotal role viz., decision maker and manager. Women in Meghalaya are inseparable, vital component in contributing and enhancing livelihood security through piggery based production system. The study was conducted in Meghalaya and total respondents were 250 women farmers. Outcome variable was categorical i.e adoption or non adoption of the technologies related to piggery and the predictor variables were age, education, level of aspiration, management orientation, level of decisiveness and level of participation related to piggery. The study revealed that given the predictor variables, the probability of adoption of the technologies related to the piggery was more which was analysed through logistic regression analysis

Keyword: Adoption; Piggery; Women;

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