Adoption of Improved Dairy Husbandry Practices by Dairy Farmers

Rajesh Kumawat and J.P. Yadav


Livestock has become an integral part of all interventions aimed at reducing rural poverty and enhancing food and nutrition security. The farmers who raise cattle and buffaloes are yet ignorant with scientific management practices. If feeding, breeding, health care and other management practices fit in proper operation, it would be possible to reach the desired level of milk production .The findings indicate that majority of dairy farmers (64.33 per cent) were adopting the improved dairy husbandry practices at medium level while almost equal number of dairy farmers were adopted at low (17.67 per cent) and high (18.00 per cent)level of improved dairy husbandry practices, respectively .The highest adoption was found about the practice ‘Feeding of balanced ration’ followed by ‘Chaff the long stovers/dry grass’, ‘Calf dehorned’ , ‘Allow a newly born calf to suckle its mother’ and ‘Quantity of concentrate mixture and Method of milking’ whereas least adoption was found about ‘Methods used for identification of dairy animals’ followed by ‘Allow the animal for mating after coming in heat’, ‘Vaccination against diseases like B.Q. F.M.D., H.S.’, ‘Isolation of sick animals’ and ‘Feed mineral mixture

Keyword: adoption,breeds and breed

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