Awareness about the Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture in Traditional Agriculture: A Gender Based Comparative Study

Bharti and Deepa Indoria


Climate change has been appeared as a major concern to the people directly involved in agricultural practice in developing countries. In recent years, the mean temperature of the earth is increased significantly and it is causing significant negative impact on the agricultural productivity of several nations. Because of climate change, economic growth of the countries heavily dependent on their agricultural system is getting compromised. Climate change is causing far-reaching impact on not only the socio-economic domain of the nations but also dampening the age-old socio-cultural and demographic systems of those countries. Understanding about the impact of climatic change on agricultural is varied between male and female agricultural workers and entrepreneurs in many other countries, but in India such kind of study is not done so far. So, this study was carried out to see the impact of gender of the people actively engaged in agriculture on their level and quality of understanding of climatic change. This study was carried out on 200 individuals belonging to two administrative blocks of Dhanbad district of the Jharkhand state. At the onset, 200 households (100 each from two administrative blocks, i.e. Balliyapur Block and Tundi Block of Dhandbad District) were selected randomly. Thereafter, one adult male and one adult female were selected from each household as the subjects of the study. Tools like socio-demographic data sheet, questionnaires for measuring awareness about climatic changes on agriculture and changing of agricultural patterns were used for data collection. Gender had not been found to have significant impact on the understanding related to the climate change.

Keyword: Climate change; Gender; Agriculture

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