Decision Making Profile of Women of Ummednagar Village of Jodhpur District

Bhagwan Singh1 and Soma Srivastava2


The present study was conducted in Ummednagar village of Tehsil Mandore of Jodhpur district. The following study was designed to ascertain the component wise decision making profile of woman of arid region of western Rajasthan. In case of livestock related decisions, it is evident from the data that most of the decisions about breeding (66.66%), feeding (83.33%) as well as management of cattle were taken jointly (85.33%). In case of health parameters like consultation, vaccination and control of parasites were taken by their male counterparts. In case of household provisions the decisions were dominated by female members. The study revealed that active participation of female members (52.78%) was observed regarding decisions related to food for family. In case of farm credit, investment of added profit and adoption of innovative technologies the role of male counterparts was dominated and participation of female members was very low or negligible

Keyword: Livestock, Household, Par

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