Farmers Perceptions and Adaptation about Changing Climate and Its Variability in UKP Area of Karnataka

Shashidahra K.K. and B.S. Reddy


Climate change is expected to have serious environmental, economic, and social impacts on Indian agriculture. Adaptation to climate change involves changes in agricultural management practices in response to changing in climate condition. It often involves a combination of various individual responses at the farm-level and assumes that farmers have access to alternative practices and technologies available in the region. The pre-tested structured schedule was used to collect primary data of 100 households in 10 villages of Upper Krishna Project area of Karnataka for the cropping season 2009–10 and 2010-11. Further, secondary data on temperature, rainfall, relative humidity etc, were also used for the study to find out variability in crop yield. The study describes farmer perceptions to change in long-term temperature and precipitation as well as various farm-level adaptation measures and barriers at the farm household level. This study examines farmer adaptation strategies to climate changing climate in Upper Krishna Project area of Karnataka state. Results confirmed that awareness of climate change is important component of farm-level adaptation. The study also reveals that temperature has increased over the years, rainfall is characterized by large inter annual variability with previous three years being very dry. Indeed, the analysis showed that farmer’s perceptions on climate change are in line with the climatic data records. However, majority of farmers have adjusted their farming practices to account the impact of climate change. Lack of access to credit was cited by respondents as the main factor inhibiting adaptation. An important policy message from these results is that enhanced access to credit, information on climatic and agronomic as well as to markets (input and output) can significantly increase farm-level adaptation. Government policies should support research and development on appropriate technologies to help farmers to adapt the changes in climatic conditions like crop development, improving climate information forecasting, and promoting appropriate farm-level adaptation measures such as use of irrigation technologies

Keyword: Climate change; Environme

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