A Motivation and Innovation Profile of Tribal Goat Production System in Pakur District of Jharkhand State

A. Mishra1, (Smt.) A. Mishra2 and M.F.Jabbar3


Domestication of goat began nearly 12000 years ago. Goats are geographically growing demand in Asia and Middle East due to various mixed factors. Goats farming thrive well in Jharkhand climate conditions and coarse vegetation. Goat farming is 160% more economical then sheep end 130% than cow, traditionally called as Poor man’s cow. Goat farming is done all over the India especially Jharkhand and adjoining states that contribute directly to human nutrition and Socio-economic welfare and to the productivity of mixed-crop-livestock production systems, natures resource management, food-security of resource-poor-farming community of Jharkhand. This study aims to assess the performance of goat under the various production & management practices and to examine the management problems, potentials and opportunities of the tribal goat farming system. The present study was conducted at four villages which was adopted under Water Shed Development Programme as a pilot project in Maheshpur Block, Pakur. The study was aimed to the socio-personal and economic characteristic of the rural farmers. To know the relationship of motivation and adoption to improved animal husbandry practices with socioeconomic variables. The main objectives of the profile was to find out the economic motivation and its relationship with adoption of improved goat farming practices. Higher the economic motivation, the more will be the favourable attitude towards improved goat farming practices. The impact of watershed development programme is quite remarkable as substantiated by this study in the form of four times increase in the average annual income as well as per capita income of farmers with is a short span of time. The hypothesis was proved by this study that the farmers adopt the improved farming practices mainly for the economic gain. Two thirds world of utilized Agricultural areas are involved solely in pastoral livestock system like Jharkhand where goat production is intrinsic part of mixed animal farming system. This was proved in this profile. Goat production in tribal community plays a major role- in substance nutrient cycle within ecosystem

Keyword: Domestication; Goat farmi

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