Promoting Mushroom Production and Consumption through Taglines: A Case Study of Crowd Sourcing the Tagline Creation in India

Mahantesh Shirur and Anupam Barh


The article is the outcome of an action research aimed to augment mushroom consumption in India through the dissemination of effective taglines in various media. The underlying presumption in identifying the best taglines is the collective gratification of cognitive and affective domains elicited through multitudinal responses of stakeholders. The study of such crowd sourcing was conducted in India in two phases, targeting the educated respondents. The cognitive gratification of the creators of the tagline is aroused through giving opportunity to create taglines and affective domain of the respondents was captivated through voting for best taglines. The trends in the weightages of features of taglines and the place of taglines among the advertisement strategies reflect the perception of the stakeholders of the mushroom industry in India. Besides highlighting the role of taglines and the features of taglines in the advertisement industry, the study implies the ways to encash the tagines to promote mushroom production and marketing in India to drive the economic and health benefits to its masses.

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