Technical Enhancement for Potato Productivity

Gopichand and Sunil Kumar


Potato is one of the most important vegetable crops in India and Agra district of Uttar Pradesh is leading state in its area and production in the country but the poor productivity is major cause of concern. Wide technological gaps in adoption of improved production technologies and other socio economic factors led to low potato productivity in India. Being the important vegetable crop in India, a sound research and extension programme is being under operation in many of potato growing areas. The demonstration of improved package of practice in terms of comprehensive nutrient management including the micro nutrients and integration of organic and inorganic nutrient sources result in enhance potato productivity. The other factor of production like efficient irrigation scheduling, integrated weed management and plant protection and more importantly use of improved high yielding, stress (biotic and abiotic ) tolerant newly released varieties are some other crucial demonstrable technologies to realise high potato productivity. Improved potato varieties are one of the most important factor, results in maximum increase in productivity. The improved technologies are being successfully disseminated among the farmers through front line demonstration. Active participation of farmers with subject matter experts in demonstrating improved agro techniques at the farmers’ fields will definitely increase potato tuber yield to higher level

Keyword: Technological gap; Produc

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