Empowering the Farm Women for Greening the Upland through Horticultural Crops

(Smt.) A. Mishra and A.Mishra


As per the report of FAO, women constitute about half of the world’s population which account for 60% of working hours, yet they receive only 10% of world’s income and own less than 1.0% of world’s property. According to 2001 Census of India, there are 495 million women (48.27% of the total population) in India . Out of the total main workers population female workers comprise 22.5% and 68.89% are marginal workers. About one third population of women (out of total population of women) is actively engaged in agricultural activities and play important role in agricultural population. The women do more work than men, is a matter of common observation and population (Manekar, 1990). There is well known fact that women’s work remains largely invisible and under recorded. The real issue, therefore, is more serious i.e. despite their involvement in agricultural work in such a long magnitude, they have not been actively in main stream of agricultural development and there is hardly any appreciation and their extensive contribution. By and large, they have remained as “invisible workers

Keyword: Women; Agricultural popul

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