Gender Equality : Estimation of Biases and Development of Educational Tool

Nikhila Bhagwat


The status of women in any society is determined by the interplay of various socio-economic factors. Even after, over 60 years of independence gender discrimination pervades Indian society. The saying “Butter for boys, Buttermilk for girlsâ€ is still a reality. Due to discriminatory social customs and lack of proper education and professional training women cannot earn her own livelihood and hence have subjected to ill treatment and enslaving. Statistical data regarding declining sex ratio, literacy, female feticide, anemia, HIV, trafficking, sterilization methods, crimes against women, domestic violence, unequal wages, income and property reveals that the discrimination against women is evident and disparity is measurable and obvious. In the present study gender biases were estimated with help of a questionnaire and an innovative self-learning package was devised with a systematic process to give ‘Gender Education’. It was validated on a 5-point Likert scale for reliability. The educational tool was then executed on 833 adult men and women in the Nashik city to test its usefulness. The experiment proved extremely effective in driving the concepts across to redefine gender values in order to create a burden free existence for both, men and women

Keyword: Gender Equality, Extensio

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