Farmer’s Attitude towards Adoption of Recommended Technology to Increase Productivity under Dry Land Area

Mayank Singh


Dry land refers to the region that is marked by scattered and scarce rainfall and also the absence of assured irrigation. The improved dry land technology mainly involves the adoption of new technology such as high yielding varieties, balanced doses of fertilizers adoptions, new method of tillage and other cultural practices. Present study was conducted. The study was conducted to find out the farmer’s attitude towards adoption of recommended technology to increase productivity under selected dry land area. Total of 150 farmers were randomly selected from C. D. Block Chaka in Allahabad district of Uttar Pradesh. Out of 36 villages in Chaka block, five villages were selected purposively on the basis of the highest percentage area under dry land farm technology. Thirty farmers were selected randomly from each of the five villages in equal proportion from each category (low, medium and high) of households. Results revealed that the reasons for non adoption of recommended technology under dry land farming are lack of crop rotation technique, lack of mulching technique, lack of adequate information, and lack of technical know-how followed by irrigation and drainage, risk bearing capacity and lack of enthusiasm

Keyword: Dry land ;Assured irrigat

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