Income Generation through Livestock and Crop Enterprises as a Means of Livelihood

CH. Satyanarayana and B. Sudhakar Rao


A study was conducted in Andhra Pradesh state to find out income generation through livestock and crop enterprises as a means of livelihood. Three districts, one from each region and three mandals from each district were selected for the study. 258 livestock farmers who were also holding crop enterprises were selected from eighteen villages of nine mandals for final investigation. The independent variables such as social status, experience in livestock and crop enterprises, land holding, social participation, herd size, market facilities, material possession, expenditure pattern, knowledge on livestock and crop enterprises, management orientation, achievement motivation, economic orientation, information seeking behaviour, risk taking behaviour, credit orientation, decision making and innovativeness were studied. Study revealed that a vast majority (94.19 per cent) of the farmers belonged to the medium category of income generation followed by 5.81 per cent high and zero per cent low categories of income generation. A large segment of the farmers had medium income generation from livestock and agricultural enterprises, the contribution towards income generation from the agricultural enterprise (Rupees 44,000) was more than dairy (Rupees 22,000), sheep and goat (Rupees 23,000) and piggery (Rupees 33,000) enterprises and among the livestock enterprises notably piggery enterprise contribution was more comparatively to other livestock enterprises. It was well understood by the results that all the farmers who relied both on livestock and agricultural enterprises were above the poverty line. It was observed that all independent variables were found to have positive and significant relationship at 1 per cent level of probability whereas social status, and experience in livestock and crop enterprises were found to have significant relationship at 5 per cent level of probability with that of income generation

Keyword: Livestock enterprise, cro

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