Farmers’ Assessment of KVK Training Programme

Nafees Ahmad, S.P.Singh and P. Parihar


Transfer of technology holds key to rapid development and transformation of rural society. Farm science centre or Krishi Vigyan Kendras having district as jurisdiction, are playing crucial role in ToT and thereby enhancing productivity and income of the farming community. Training of farmers is a critical input for the rapid transfer of technology. In this study, an effort has been made to assess different aspects of training courses and its impact on the farming community. The present study- ‘Farmers’ assessment of KVK training programme’ has been carried out in the State of Uttar Pradesh and Uttranchal, the cradle of one of the largest number of KVKs in the country. Five KVKs were selected purposively, two each representing State Agriculture University and Non-government organization and remaining one from the ICAR institution. Five villages were surveyed at each of the KVKs and 14 farmerrespondents were randomly selected from each village, aggregating to 70 farmers from each KVK. Thus overall, 350 farmers were considered for the study. The study basically reflects the expressed responses of the farmers. The study reveals that majority of respondents (63.42%) opined that training programme was fully based on their needs and problems followed by those (23.44%) reporting that it was partially need based. About 4/5th of the respondents felt that the training courses were balanced as per the proportion of theory and practical are concerned. Almost 3/4th have benefitted from the KVK trainings of which about half (52.29%) have realized increase in productivity of enterprise followed by generally / domestically useful (37.03%) and gainful employment (10.68%). KVKs working under NGOs have performed better in providing benefits to the farmers (44.65%) followed by SAUs (37.03%) and ICAR institute (18.32%). SAUs KVKs account for the highest employment benefits to the farmers (19.58%) followed by NGOs KVK (7.83%)

Keyword: Transfer of technology; F

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