Adoption Behavior of Rabbit Production Technology in Meghalaya of India

S K Das


Rabbit production technology was consisting of improved package of practices for housing, breeding, feeding and management for economic production of rabbit meat. There is a need to identify the factors that contribute positively to the adoption of new livestock technologies as well as those that represent main constraints for the diffusion / adoption process. In order to ascertain extent of adoption of improved technology, the responses of farmers were collected on five selected practices, namely housing, breeding, feeding, health care , general care and management. Statistical analysis of data revealed that education had highly significant effect and training facilities received had significant effect on adoption index of different rabbit production technology. Effect of other factors was non significant. Education, income level and training received were found to have significantly (P < 0.05) and positively correlated with adoption level of rabbit production technology. It indicated that with the increase of education level, income level and training facility of farmer adoption level of RPT was enhanced. On the contrary level of adoption of technology was non significantly and negatively correlated with age, sex and family size. So, social characteristics of the farmers went a long way to influence the adoption of any new technology such as rabbit production technology. It is also necessary to know the adoption behaviour of farmer before disseminating any technology

Keyword: Rabbit production technol

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