Behavioural Changes of Farmers through Krishi Vigyan Kendra

Ram Jiyawan, Kalyan Ghadei, Manver Singh and D.K.Sujan


Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs) in India playas important role in transfer of Agricultural technology. The KVK Pali Marwar in Rajshan of India was established in 1992 to carry out activities for the farmers of the area. Therefore, the present investigation entitled “Behavioural Changes of Farmers through Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK)â€ was designed with the objectives to find out the existing level of knowledge on various activities, attitude towards various activities and skill developed among the farmers by KVK. Knowledge, skill and attitude are the three components of behaviour but here the paper examines the change in knowledge and attitude of farmers. The study was conducted in purposively in Pali district of Rajasthan. The block SOJAT CITY, out of total ten blocks in the district was identified on the basis of maximum activities carried out by KVK during the preceding five years. Five adopted Villages were selected from the identified panchayat samiti (Sojat City) on the basis of maximum activities carried out by KVK as evident from KVK records. Likewise five non adopted villages were also identified from the same panchayat samiti as control group, where no activities were initiated by KVK. Thus, in all 10 villages (5 adopted and 5 non-adopted) were included in the study comprising of 150 respondents (i.e., 75 beneficiaries and 75 non-beneficiaries). The major findings of the study were that exactly 50.00 per cent of respondents possessed medium level of knowledge, whereas 26.66 per cent respondents were reported to be from low knowledge group. This was followed by 23.34 per cent respondents who could be placed in high knowledge group. Knowledge of respondents was assessed under two major aspects i.e., knowledge about general aspects and knowledge about various activities of KVK. It was interesting to note that a fair majority of respondents (86.50%) were found acquainted with KVK and the purpose for which they were established. Similarly, majority of them (79.5%) were aware of the operational area for each KVK. As regard to knowledge about TOT activities, majority of respondents (75.75%) knew well about demonstration, its purpose, and types of demonstrations. Farmers fair and vichar goshthis(Discussion forum) had also attracted the attention of majority (74.75%) of respondents. The Study also revealed that 42.00 per cent of the total respondents had favourable attitude, followed by 41.33% least favourable and 16.67% most favourable attitude towards activities of KVK

Keyword: Attitude; Behaviour;Farme

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