Entrepreneurial Interests and Training Needs of Tribal Farm Women of Amirgadh and Danta Talukas of Banaskantha District (Guj

Kruti Thaker1 and Santosh Ahlawat


Amirgadh and Danta are predominantly tribal and most backward talukas of Banaskantha district in Gujarat as identified by the Government of India. Being most deprived economic condition of tribal women, need of training to establish small enterprises of their interest was felt. Hence a research study was conducted to identify the entrepreneurial interests, related training needs, factors associated with entrepreneurial interests and training needs. Entrepreneurial activities were classified into nine categories. A test was developed and used for studying the types of enterprises tribal women were interested in and related training needs. Validity and reliability of the test was checked by jury method and by pre testing respectively. Data was collected by personal interview technique. Frequencies, percentages, cumulative mean, ranks, correlation coefficient and ‘F’ test were used to analyze data. Results of study revealed that among different categories of enterprises tribal women expressed maximum interest in animal husbandry and dairy based enterprises followed by food based and agro based enterprises. Difference in the interest of different categories of enterprises was found significant at five percent level of significance. Floriculture and vermicompost making; preparation of milk products; making of maize dhani & pickle ; bandhni making and dress designing ; soft toy making and zari work; making of brooms from date tree leaves and plates from khakhra leves; mehndi & agarbatti making ;statue making and marble carving were the enterprises in which tribal women expressed maximum interest under different categories respectively. Training needs were expressed in accordance with the entrepreneurial interests. Education and economic motivation showed significant correlation with entrepreneurial interest. Education, annual income and economic motivation showed significant correlation with entrepreneurial training needs. Highly significant correlation was found between the entrepreneurial interests and entrepreneurial training needs

Keyword: Eentrepreneurial; Floricu

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