A Micro-Level Study of the Trained and Untrained Farm Women of Andaman

S.K. Zamir Ahmed, R.C. Srivastava, M. Balakrishnan


A study on the socio-psychological characteristics of 240 farmwomen both who had undergone three days training
and untrained on the subjects namely Mushroom cultivation, Kitchen gardening, Layer farming and Fresh water
pisciculture was carried out in South Andaman block, Port Blair of Andaman district. A total of 14 characteristics
were selected based on the judges opinion and past research studies. It was found that among the various categories
of characteristics of the farm women most of the farm women belonged to middle age group, had primary level of
education, opting equally to have either agriculture as the main or subsidiary occupation. Possessed medium to
low level of farm experience, with medium level of annual income followed by medium to low level of contact with
extension agency, social participation, mass media exposure, economic motivation, scientific orientation,
innovativeness, perceived effectiveness towards the training and operated small size holding. This study was
undertaken to assess the socio-psychological characteristics of the farm women of Andaman and Nicobar Islands
(India) which will help in giving appropriate policy implication based on the derived conclusions to uplift the
socio-economic status of the farmwomen.

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