A Comparative Analysis on the Management Efficiency of Dairy Entrepreneurs in Urban, Peri-urban and Rural Areas

C. Manivannan, Hema Tripathi, G.Kathiravan


The study was carried out in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu state to analyze the differences in management
efficiency among dairy farmers in three localities namely, urban, peri-urban and rural areas. A sample of 50
families comprising small ( £ 4) and large (> 4) herd owning categories was selected from each of the urban, periurban
and rural areas by applying proportionate random sampling technique, leading to a total sample size of 150
families. The findings revealed that majority of the respondents of urban area were found to be highly efficient in
management of their dairy units as against one half of the respondents in peri-urban area and less than a half in
rural area. The large herd owning respondents were significantly more efficient in the management of their dairy
units than those owning small herds in rural and overall samples. Regardless of the localities, respondents
maintaining large herds exhibited significantly higher mean score than those maintaining small herd in terms of
their ability in planning, information seeking, rational marketing and risk orientation.

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