A Scale to Measure Time Use Efficiency of Agricultural Scientists

S. Paul, K. Vijayaragavan, P. Singh


The felt urgency for a quick technological breakthrough in agricultural research to address a number of pressing
issues has entailed the growing need for agricultural scientists to make use of time as productive as possible. In this
context, the present study had been undertaken to measure the extent of time use efficiency among agricultural
scientists. The sample of the study comprised of two hundred agricultural scientists drawn across cadres from a high
performing institute (HPI) and a low performing institute (LPI). Standard steps were followed to develop a suitable
Likert type measuring scale. It is evident from the findings that as high as 46% of scientists from the LPI had a low
level of time use efficiency, whereas only 6% of them were highly time use efficient. A majority of agricultural
scientists from the HPI had a medium level of time use efficiency. As high as 29.5% of the pooled sample were found
to express only a little concern over efficient use of time. A one way ANOVA yielded a statistically significant result
to imply that the several cadres of agricultural scientists under study had differed in terms of their time use efficiency.

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