Comparative Analysis of Socio-Psychological Characters of Farmers Adopting Various Resource Conservation Technologies

Davinder Singh, Prabhjot Kaur and Dalber Singh


Resource conservation technologies (RCT) play a significant role in sustaining and enhancing the productivity of
the rice-wheat cropping system at a lower cost of production. The adoption of resource conservation technologies
is expected to yield benefits to the farmers in terms of reduced losses due to soil erosion, saving of energy and
irrigation costs, savings on labour, increased productivity and water-use efficiency, reduced pumping of groundwater,
increased nutrient-use efficiency and adoption of new crop rotations. The present study was conducted with the aim
to compare socio- psychological characters of adopter farmers of various resource conservation technologies in
Punjab. Four RCTs were selected for the study i.e. zero till drill, happy seeder, laser leveller and green manuring. A
sample of 200 farmers comprised of 50 adopter farmers for each RCT was selected by following cluster sampling
design from Faridkot, Fazilka, Ferozepur, Gurdaspur, Hoshiarpur, Ludhiana, Mansa and Sangrur districts of
Punjab state. The findings revealed that significant difference was found in innovativeness and extension contacts
of the adopters of selected resource conservation technologies. In case of innovativeness, zero till adopters were
significantly more innovative as compared to laser leveller adopters’. Zero till adopters had highest extension
contacts as compared to adopters of other selected RCTs.


Zero till drill; Happy seeder; Laser leveller;Green manuring; Resource conservation technology;

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