Perception and Acceptability of Rice Straw Baler for On Farm Residue Management

Venkata Subbaiah. P, Jyothi. V and Vijayabhinandana. B


Rice is the major crop grown in 2/3rd of the cultivated area in Krishna district. Majority of the rice growing farmers
go for mechanical harvesting of the crop (90.00%), out of which only 40.00 per cent farmers manually bail the rice
straw and transport them for further use. While the remaining 60.00 per cent burn the straw in the field itself due to
its non-bailing quality due to mechanical harvesting and also due to increased labour, transport costs, unavoidable
climatic conditions. Such burning of on farm waste not only kills the soil microbes but promotes environmental
pollution adding to the release of greenhouse gases. Further resulting in increased demand for rice straw for milch
animals. Through demonstrations in farmers fields it was recorded that the cost of bailing with rice straw baler was
Rs.2500/ha and for manual bailing it was Rs.3500/ha. The time taken for machine bailing was 2.5 hour/ha while
manual bailing took 20 hours/ha i.e., three working days. Positive perception and acceptability of the technology
is a pre-requisite to pave way to adoption. In a survey conducted among 200 farmers in the demonstrated area,
found that the demonstrations made a significant impact on the perception of the farmers towards rice straw baler
in a positive direction paving way for acceptability of the technology.


Rice straw baler; Residue management; Open field burning; Perception

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