Development of Android Mobile Application on Groundnut Crop Cultivation for Transfer of Technology

Kadiri Mohan


Farming made easy when ready to use information to take effective decisions in time is available and easily
accessible. Smart Mobile phones usage was exponentially increasing in rural areas. Mobile applications were
effectively giving the information to the large number of farmers. “Mana Verusanaga” - a mobile application with
entire package of practices that are required for scientific cultivation of groundnut and as a ready reckoner for
field Extension Officers was developed. An Android based offline mobile application (app) was built with easy
navigation to access the information available in the mobile app on varieties, seed handing, sowing, nutrient
management, pest and disease management, intercultural operations, harvesting and storage, mechanization, seed
production, value added products and contact numbers for further information. The mobile app is two way
communication facilities by which farmers can send the quarries through Short Message Service in offline mode
and by e-mails when connected to the internet. The mobile application was of 24 MB size. It can be easily installed
in all Android smart mobile phones and other android based gadgets. The entire information can be navigated
through the photographs and icons.


Groundnut cultivation; Mobile app; Mobile app for transfer of technology; Crop specific app

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