Attitude of Farmers towards Seed Village Programme -A Scale Development

Gottemukkula Bhavani, M. Sreenivasulu and V. Ravinder Naik


A agriculture to be sustainable, a good quality seed is the foremost important factor to be considered where
the whole crop improvement takes place. Agriculture being the backbone of Indian rural economy and got to
feed millions of growing population minute by minute, day by day, need to be backed by a strong seed
improvement programmes where both public and private sectors involvement is most essential. The developments
in the seed industry in India, particularly in the last 30 years, are very significant. Future of agricultural
production will largely depend upon development of improved varieties/ hybrids in various crops, supported
by efficient, cost effective seed production technology. For present growing and for future generations there is
all need to produce improved quality seeds and make that seed available to farmers everywhere in nation, this
is made possible by one of the public funded programmes called “Seed Village Programme (SVP)”. It is therefore
significant to know the attitude of farmers towards seed village programme (SVP). Hence, the study was designed
with the objective to develop and standardize a scale to measure the attitude of farmers towards seed village
programme. A summated (likert) rating scale was been developed. The process started with identifying the
dimension, collection of items followed by relevancy and item analysis and checking the reliability and validity
for precision and consistency of the results. A Total of 42 statements were framed in which 23 statements were
finally retained which has practical applicability in ascertaining the attitude towards seed village programme.

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