Technological Change in Dairy Farming in Trans-Gangetic Plains and its Effect on Employment Generation

B.S. Meena, H.R. Meena, K.S. Kadian and Sanchita Garari


The study was conducted in the trans-Gangetic plains to assess the technological change in dairy farming
over 10 years. Technological change was measured by developing a test on various aspects (breeding, feeding,
management and health care) of scientific dairy farming practices. It was observed that there was significant
technical change in adoption of scientific dairy farming practices and it was increased over the period of time
span from 61.37 per cent (in 2005-06) to 70.73 per cent (in 2015-16). Further, all the productive and reproductive
parameters of dairy animals were improved by adoption of scientific dairy farming practices. Moreover, there
was substantial increase in rural employment through dairying. In nutshell, in 2005-06 the total number of
peoples was 146 who were engaged to different activities for their livelihood and they increased up to 259
over a period of ten. These changes reflect proper management of the dairy animals due to the effective
mechanism of extension service and technological development by Agricultural research system in the Trans-
Gangetic plains.

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