Empowerment Level amongst the Adolescent Girls in Agra District

Madhulika Gautam


Education is one of the most important ways to empower the women. So, present study has been undertaken to
know the current status of empowerment level like pertaining to their decision making, power in home, political
and legal awareness and other such related variables of adolescent girls studying in class 11th living in Agra
district of Uttar Pradesh. The study was conducted on 120 adolescents’ girls. The sample was selected by
multistage stratified random sample technique. Standardized tool was used in this study. Significant association
was observed between distribution of rural and urban subjects according to empowerment level (  2 =9.49).
Significant association was observed between frequency of empowerment level of adolescent girls belonged to
working and non- working mothers ( 2 =11.7). The mean score of empowerment level above17 year girls (190.15)
was higher than below 17 year girls (171.62). This difference was also found to be significant (t=2.17 P<0.05).
However, the present study shows that non-significant difference was found between empowerment level of
above 30000 monthly parental income group girls and below 30000 monthly parental income group girls. This
difference was also found to be non- significant (t =1.52). Conclusions derived were that, subjects living in
urban area, having working mothers, are more empowered in comparison to their rural and non-working mother
counterparts. In the present study results show that age factors also affect the empowerment level.

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