Assessment of Agricultural Livelihood Security of Tribal Farmers under Tribal Sub Plan in Meghalaya

Deepa Thangjam, J.K. Chauhan, R.J. Singh, L. Hemochandra, Ram Singh and L. Devarani


Livelihood security of an individual is the most important aspect of life. It is access to basic amenities such as
food, income, habitat, etc. Therefore, the present study assesses the Agricultural Livelihood Security of tribal
farmers under Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) project undertaken by Central Agricultural University, Imphal in
Meghalaya. The study was conducted in Ri bhoi and West Garo Hill districts of Meghalaya. For the purpose of
the present study, a total of 390 beneficiary farmers have interviewed such that 270 farmers from Ri bhoi
district and 120 farmers from West Garo Hill district. Paired t-test for the test of significance of two dependent
samples was applied to test the significance of mean difference before and after the intervention TSP. A
significant difference was found in components such as food security, income security, social security, and
environmental security before and after implementation of TSP. Whereas in components like habitat security,
educational security, and health security, there was no significant change for before and after a period. Overall,
considerable change was observed in the agricultural livelihood security of the farmers.

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