Corollary of Mobile Phone Applications on Rural Youth Farmers’ Information Needs and Seeking Behaviour

Termaric Oinam J.K. Chauhan , R.K. Josmi and Ram Singh


Right information in right time at right place is sine quo non for successful farming. Mobile phones being one of the vibrant and reliable Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) gadget, promises to bridge the information gap of the farming population. Information is currently regarded as a factor of production like other factors such as labour, capital and land. Thus, the study was conducted to determine the impact of mobile phone applications on rural youth farmers of Meghalaya by assessing their information needs and seeking behaviour. Market price, subsidies and crop insurance are the most sought information needs of the rural youth farmers. Information seeking behaviour index from the study indicated that friends and neighbours cannot be ignored for gathering information in a rural setting. However, mobile phone applications like whatsapp, YouTube, plantsnap, plantix etc. bridges the information gap of the rural youth farmers. Therefore, more video messages, GIF (Graphic Information Formats) and other interactive messages related to agriculture, credit and subsidies, government schemes etc. which can be easily channelled through mobile phone applications like whatsApp should be created abundantly and richly to influence the rural youth farmers. This can create a psychological impact to them just like the commercial advertisements create. Such innovations will help in retaining rural youth to take up agriculture as their profession which is also in line with Attracting Rural Youth in Agricultural (ARYA) programme.

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