Constraints Faced By Livestock Farmers in Utilization of Livestock Services in Jaipur District of Rajasthan, India

Manisha Singodia Sanjay Kumar Rewani, Ashok Baindha, Subhash Chand, Sunil Rajoria and Virendra Singh


An exploratory study was conducted in Jaipur district of Rajasthan to find out the constraints faced by livestock farmers in utilization of different livestock service delivery systems and their suggestions for overcoming these constraints. Data were collected from 120 randomly selected livestock farmers through structured interview schedule. The study revealed that non (or disgraceful) availability of A.I./P.D. at doorstep (79.16%),no provision of subsidy on local animals (74.16%), non availability of staff during night (68.33%), inappropriate working timings of hospital facilities (58.33%) and high expenses of medicines and treatment (45.84%) were perceived as ‘most serious constraints’ by livestock farmers. High cost of private veterinary services (62.50%), less availability of qualified specialists (58.33%) and non (or improper) availability of emergency treatment at doorstep (54.16%)were perceived as ‘serious constraints’ by them . Among the ‘less serious constraints’ were deficient medicines and other infrastructural facilities of hospitals (75.00%), non-availability of feed and input material and fodder seeds (51.66%) and inadequate facilities for deworming and vaccination (50.00%).A great majority of the livestock farmers were in agreement with the suggestions like provision of adequate medicines and infrastructure facilities (97.50%), provision of improved A.I. and P.D. facilities at farmers’ doorstep (93.33%), provision of emergency treatment at doorstep (91.66%) and making services available round the clock (89.16%).

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