A Study of Self Help Group Dynamics of Women in Malabar Fisheries Sector

Vipinkumar.V.P., Asokan. P.K.


This study undertaken in Malabar areas of Kerala state in India, was to assess the group dynamics of the Self Help
Groups of women fisher folk to identify the important dimensions contributing to their effectiveness and to identify
the constraints faced by the women so as to develop a strategy for mobilizing an effective SHG. From each of the four
districts, of Malabar namely Kasargod, Kannur, Kozhikkode and Malappuram, 3 SHGs of women fisherfolk at
random were selected and the group dynamics of each SHG was quantified by developing an index called group
dynamics effectiveness index (GDEI), consisting of 12 dimensions such as participation, influence & styles of
influence, decision making procedures, task functions, maintenance functions, group atmosphere, membership,
feelings, norms, empathy, interpersonal trust and achievements of SHG. The results showed significant variation in
group dynamics and the most important dimensions affecting GDEI are achievements of SHG, participation and
group atmosphere. Among the personal and socio-psychological characteristics, education, income, socio-economic
status, extension orientation, scientific orientation, mass media participation, social participation, cosmopoliteness,
knowledge, attitude towards SHG, attitude towards intervening agency, attitude towards other members of SHG
and information source use pattern had positive and significant influence on GDEI. Empowerment programmes
were undertaken based on the preference ranking on suitable micro enterprises in fisheries and diversified sectors
and success case studies on economic empowerment of women’s SHGs’ also were elucidated. The constraints were
ranked and a strategy for mobilizing an effective SHG for women fisherfolk was also developed.

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