Supply Chain Management of Ginger in Meghalaya- Empirical Analysis

Ram Singh J.K. Chauhan and S.M. Feroze


The NE states of India are the major contributor of ginger production in the country. Among the states in NER, Meghalaya is the highest ginger producing states. A majority of the ginger producers in the state are resource poor and lack in storage facilities which compelled them to dispose-off their produce to wholesalers immediately after harvest when the price is at the lowest. Moreover, market price fluctuations over the years have negatively affected the ginger producers. Hence, study was conducted in the state of Meghalaya by selecting 103 ginger growers from West Garo hill and Ri-bhoi district to analyse the supply chain of ginger. The statandard analytical tools were applied to analyse the data. The study found that the price received by the ginger grower was highest in case where farmers sell the produce directly to the consumer but in reality it is not practical as the crop is perishable in nature and every farmer cannot do. The farmers sold bulk quantity of the produce either to Village Merchant or Wholesalers. Therefore, study recommends regulation on marketing costs and margin for actors in the chain. The perishable product and bulky in nature requires warehouse facility for proper storage such as cold storage facilities as well as mode of transportation from farmers’ farm. Establishment of processing units for the management of surplus ginger to enhance the due share of ginger grower in consumers’ price was the need of hours

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