Assessing the Level of Effectiveness of Training Programmes for Enhancing Core Competencies of Extension Personnel: An Analytical Study in Kerala

S.Aiswarya, Monika Wason, R.N. Padaria, D.U.M. Rao, R.Gills, Priti Priyadarshini and Bishal Gurung


Effectiveness of training refers to the quantification of the degree to which a training activity attains its objectives,
like measurement on whether the intended changes in knowledge, skills and attitudes happened. Three training
institutions: Community Agro biodiversity Center –CabC (working under an NGO), State Agricultural Management
and Extension Training Institute-SAMETI (working under State Department) and Central Training Institute-CTI
(under State Agricultural University) were chosen for the study. Purposive and Random Sampling were carried out
for the study. The sample consisted of trainees from three different training institutes. Four different training
programmes related to core competency development being organized during 2017-18 were selected purposively
from each of the three training institutes. Fifteen trainees for each training programmes were selected randomly
with a sample size of sixty from each institute making one hundred eighty trainees as total sample size. Questionnaire
was developed for the study. Personal interview and focus group discussion methods were also used as tools for
data collection. In the present study, in order to measure the training effectiveness, an index was developed using six
parameters viz. Applicability, relevancy, timeliness, improvement in knowledge, skill and attitude, conviction,
improvement in job performance and satisfaction. ANOVA test revealed that there is significant difference between
training effectiveness in terms of applicability, relevancy, improvement in KAS, conviction, improvement in job
performance and satisfaction in different training institutes. Post Hoc test with Duncan test revealed that there is no
significant difference between CTI and CAbC in case of five parameters of training effectiveness –applicability ,
relevance ,Improvement in KAS ,conviction, improvement in job performance and satisfaction. But CTI and CAbC
vary significantly with SAMETI in case of these parameters.

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