Low Cost Food Warmer for Farm Women in Kashmir Valley

Poonam Sharma and Tabasum Ara2


“Chilai Kalan” the harshest period of winter in Kashmir adds to the miseries and hardships of rural women by
repeatedly heating up the food items to serve at different intervals of time during the day as food items do not remain
warm which is again a challenging job for her. A low cost food warmer is a new innovation to keep the foods ready to
serve and for quick curdling which can prove beneficial for both rural and urban areas. A cheap and innovative warm
cover using locally available material has been developed to keep the food warm up to 8 hours at room temperature.
Process of making curd is a day long process and even hard especially during winter. Development of the technology
was very much need of the hour to replace the old age tradition of covering the hot pot with warm blankets / woolen
clothes. In winter food warmer has advantage of making the curd 3-4 hrs. These products have good demand and
wider consumer acceptance and can become a remunerative enterprise for rural youth in Kashmir.

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