Awareness and Adoption of Climate Resilient Technologies by Farmers of Palakkad and Wayanad District of Kerala State

T.P. Anseera and Jiju P. Alex


Increasing climate change has negative consequences on agricultural production, especially in a state like Kerala
with decreasing share in area and production. The study focused on the analyzing the awareness and adoption of
different climate resilient practices among the farmers in Kerala. Study was conducted in Palakkad and Wayanad
district of Kerala with 100 farmers by following appropriate sampling procedure. There was 92.12 per cent of
awareness on soil and water conservation measures followed by 80.22 per cent on agronomic practices and 7.27
per cent on institutional measures whereas the adoption of resilient practices were higher for soil and water
conservation practices (81.6) followed by institutional measures (72.52) and 69.14 per cent adoption of agronomic
practices. The item wise analysis indicates that of rainwater harvesting, water recycling and addition of organic
matter as effective climate resilient techniques were known to cent per cent of the farmers. Use of suitable breeds/
varieties for climate, use of suitable breeds/ varieties for climate change and high yielding and drought resistant
forage crops production was not well aware. Of the different climate resilient practices, rain water harvesting
structures, integrated weed management practices and community seed bank were found to be adopted more.
Farmers in Wayanad were found to have higher mean adoption index (82.83)

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