Status and Opportunities of Organic Farming for Sustainable Agriculture – Successful Cases of Rural Youths in Haryana

Satyajeet1, V.P.S. Yadav, S.P. Yadav and Rajender Kumar


The farmers have already made a significant contribution in the field of organic farming and farmer to farmer
transfer of technology helps in domestic and export market potential for organic products. Conversion to small
organic farms is more profitable and would lead to sizeable increases of food production worldwide. To achieve this
strong policy support from government is required to promote farmers centered, research, education, development,
supply of inputs and development of market channels for success of organic farming. In present study, the success
cases of organic farming of district, Jhajjar, Haryana have been presented to popularize the organic farming among
other farmers. The perusal of the data in the study reveals that the net return from different components of organic
farm viz. crops, horticulture and dairy of Sh. Bhim Singh (5.6 hactare), Shivraj (1.0 ha) and Sanjay (1.6 ha) comes
out to be Rs. 16.5, 3.15 and 25.0 lakhs per annum, while B:C ratio was to the tune of 1.67, 2.27 and 3.44, respectively.

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